Thursday, September 4, 2008

Keswick Hall Highlights

Here are the much delayed photos from our trip to Keswick Hall with Max's parents and sister's family in July.

The outside of the hotel

Gorgeous Infinity pool overlooking the golf course (and when you went underwater they played music under there!)

Max getting in some nephew time

more nephew time

Ed gets ready for a weekend at the track

Celebrating the July birthdays

With Max's Parents

Yeah, there's a baby in there

Grandy, Eva, Adrian and Max

The whole family

Golf Anyone?

talking golf with Adrian

Max and David try croquet

The expectant couple

Monday, September 1, 2008

Baby Shower in the Country

Here are some photos from the great baby shower that my Aunts Jane and Bobbie gave me a few weeks ago. it was really nice to be able to see so many of my cousins and the women of my dad's side of the family. And of course, the food is always GREAT too!

Here i am with Aunt Jane and Aunt Bobbie (Thank you! Thank you!)

the gifts

A pretty white dress

Another cute outfit... Babe's going to look good for quite a while

Trying out the burp cloths Shannon made for me and Babe

With mom and the Paddington Bear she made for Babe

with my sister, Liz, and my mom

My cousin Phil and Uncle Samuel are the kitchen help

Check out the spread! (what you can't see behind the flowers is the stack of yummy peanut butter balls... mmmm)

With many of the girl cousins

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Adrian at Maymont

Eva, David, and Adrian came to visit and to attend our baby shower yesterday. today we stopped at Maymont to visit the animals at the children's farm and Adrian got to feed a GOAT!

That goat wants more food!

Hooray for goats!

Go get more food uncle Max!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Beach Trip 2008

Every year my mom's side of the family hits Topsail Island North Carolina for a week of sun and fudge and swimming. here are some highlight photos.

Hanging on the beach

The happy couple

I roped Max into taking some prenatal yoga pics of me to use on my website eventually. Vira II

Twisting Sukhasana

Usually the Campbell Family Band plays... my uncle's fiddles

My cousin Charles Wade trying to get into the band with the banjo

My cousin Mauren on the Base

Charles Wade flexes his muscles

we celebrate my cousin Emily's birthday

With my aunt Nadine

Charles Wade trying to go gangsta

my mom arranging the desserts for Emily's celebration

My cousin Molly

My cousins Emily and Mauren doing "the Emily Face"

Rocking the Maternity swimsuit

Truly i was a little lax about taking pictures and since max was only there for a few days we didn't get the many many great shots we usually have from trips. i'm hoping my aunt Nadine will hook us up with a few more. but until then, Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Packtastic Picnic

Chris, Jin, and Izzy came to town to help celebrate birthdays this year. Here are some of the highlight photos from the party for Grammie, and Dad and his twin....

my aunts Jane and Bobbie cut the cakes

Jin Izzy and Chris

The Packs: uncle Sam uncle Ron Dad (Don) aunt Bobbie Grammie aunt Jane

my bro Jacob with our cousin Eric

Cousin Cillian having a GREAT time with the dog

Lizzie with Izzy

My mom's mom, Gigi

Dad has a good laugh

Me and Lizzie